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Website : Six14 ProductionsA video-heavy website built for Six14 Productions, a high quality Los Angeles production company that does everything from classy documentaries (Unconquered with Val Kilmer) to broadcast commercials (AM/PM, Comcast, Fedex, SpikeTV) to industrial films (GMC) to eye-popping music videos (Prom Kings, Breal, Bloodsugar). The company is helmed by the Sloggatt brothers, Justin and Bill, who take a personal approach to every film they make.

This site puts their work front and center, with a powerful, high quality video interface that automatically customizes its feed to the bandwidth of the viewer’s connection.  Handy tabs along the top allow viewers to select a channel of interest, and then side list navigation allows them to choose a film they’d like to see.  Full screen video is just a click away, where a media list of films is also seen so the viewer doesn’t have to click back and forth between full screen and small screen to browse.

In addition to contact and services descriptions, the site also has a full featured blog system that allows the company to put up news with images and video without needing any fancy programming.  A simple backend admin system (available securely over any browser) is always available so the blog can be updated anywhere they might be in the world.

The look is deliberately neutral in color to allow the video to truly pop out colorwise, with a top and bottom navigation bars that have the look of brushed aluminum and a slight 3d feel.  The company logo pops out of the top navigation like a camera lens pointed straight at the visitor.

On a side note, we are particularly proud of these little icons created to spice up their service description page.  Please endulge our designers by giving them a closer look:

Icons : Six14 Productions

If you are in the market for high quality, creative, and competitive cost video/film production services in Los Angeles, delivered with a family touch, look no further than Six14 Productions.

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