Last Friday, guest blogger Michelle Smith covered some good ground on the topic of online video advertising and marketing.

That same day, the fine folks at MediaPost pondered the following question over at their Video Daily blog:

What’s a Good Online Video Ad Worth?

The answer to this question, which was also embedded in the same headline as the question itself?

It Depends.

The MediaPost entry was more of a “teaser” than a true blog post, stating little more than “Depending on the statistics you reference, it’s not an insignificant amount,” and then linking to another blog post over at ZDNet.

Actually, that line itself also came from the ZDNet story, authored by award-winning business journalist Heather Clancy for the ZDNet Small Business Matters blog. Clancy cites Nielsen Wire research that reveals nearly 148 million Americans now watch online videos, and also references data that shows more than one-third of all ad spending now goes towards creating video ads.

Clancy’s story then goes on to introduce intriguing startup Dissolve, a new online, all-HD video marketplace recently launched by the former co-founders of Veer and Getty Images’ iStockphoto. Dissolve, which boasts the tagline, “Better footage, better stories,” boasts on its colorful website that it offers “Royalty-free HD footage for designers and storytellers,” and insists that “Every clip is HD”…with the ability for users to “Search over 100,000 clips” and “Get 3 free HD clips every month.” And perhaps most compelling, these clips are quite affordable, with the available HD clips broken down into three different tiers of pricing – $5; $50-$150; $500 per clip.

Clancy writes that “almost 95 percent” of Dissolve’s royalty-free HD clips are offered at the $5 price point, and points out that this is quite a savings when compared to the usual rates offered by traditional multimedia image providers such as Getty Images.

Clancy also goes on to quote Dissolve CEO and co-founder Patrick Lor, who said the following at the time of Dissolve’s launch:

“Dissolve will focus on creative inspiration, ease and affordability. The site will be engaging and clips will be simple to find and license. We will be curating for quality so customers won’t have to waste time searching through clips that are unusable, subpar, or simply too expensive.”

Overall, Clancy’s post reads as a ringing endorsement for Dissolve, which aims to make it more affordable – and less of an overall hassle and time-suck – for small business owners to produce, provide, post and share quality online video content.

Here at Amplitude Digital, we’re not really sure why the founders chose the name Dissolve, which seems set up to, well, fade away or disappear before long. But we can see why Clancy is bullish on the potential of the company and its business model, which stands poised, positioned and stocked to serve an ever-growing need and desire for quality online video content and advertisements.

That being said, we’ve also always held firm in our belief that if you really want something done right, you’re best served hiring a professional to do it – especially when it comes to something as complicated, nuanced and multifaceted as marketing and advertising in 2014 America. In fact, we’ve even blogged at length about this topic here before.

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We look forward to hearing from you soon. And we wish you an amazing 2014…and beyond. Make it the best year yet for both you and your business!

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