March 1, 2016

The Lost Art Of Media Targeting

“I already know what media I need.” “The people who buy my product don’t read magazines.” “I don’t need media planning services – I already know […]
March 28, 2014

Instagram Looks Even Better After Big Ad Deal With Omnicom Group

Instagram is far from the largest social network – that would be Facebook, which purchased Instagram from its Bay Area-based founders for a cool $1 billion […]
January 15, 2014

Radio Advertising Remains More Relevant Than You Might Think

Here at amplitude, we’ve openly expressed our admiration for excellent Old School Advertising mediums and creations. If something is good, it’s good. If it works, it […]
September 27, 2013

Worth Repeating: You Need A Smart Media Mix. And Maybe A New iPhone.

As the calendar creeps closer and closer to 2014 and all things digital continue to dominate and devour the average consumer’s lives, it can be easy […]
May 10, 2013

Programmatic Buying: Really The Right Way To Go?

Programmatic buying has become quite popular in the world of digital advertising and marketing lately. Just how popular? Well, in a recent blog post on eMarketer, […]