March 2, 2018
seo tactics 2020

Smart SEO Tactics for 2020. And 2021. And 2022. And…1995?

When it comes to SEO, and all things orbiting around SEO these days, it can be hard to get a firm grip on just what constitutes […]
March 20, 2014

The Real Reason MyBlogGuest Got Nailed By Google

As you’ve probably heard by now, the folks over at MyBlogGuest have run into some trouble with the do-no-evil folks at Google for what has been […]
January 29, 2014

SEO: More Misguided Misinformation From So-Called “Link Builders”

Some topics just never get old. And some people just never seem to learn. Here at the official blog of Amplitude Digital, we’ve devoted a good […]
December 20, 2013

Google Drops e-Hammer On Yet Another Link Network

Here at the official blog of Amplitude Digital, we’ve written a good bit about the hard-working, fair-minded genius that is Google Webspam Czar Matt Cutts. We’ve […]
September 6, 2013

Why You Should Avoid “Package Deal” SEO Companies

Sometimes, a “package deal” can be a very good thing. Other times, well, not so much. Even though they paid a very high price for their […]
August 16, 2013

Google’s Matt Cutts On Selling Links, Advertorials, Using No Follow, ccTLD, Widgets…And More…

Here at the official blog of Amplitude Digital, we’ve devoted a few blog posts to the philosophy and work of Google Webspam Czar Matt Cutts – […]
July 24, 2013

SEO Link-Building “Best Practices”…And Other Modern Myths

In a recent “Whiteboard Friday” video blog post on (formerly entitled, “Heart to Heart About Link Building,” Michael King, aka @iPullRank, passionately breaks down what […]
July 5, 2013

Five Types Of “Link Builders”…And Why Not To Hire Any Of Them

In a recent post on the increasingly popular and always intriguing question-and-answer site Quora, someone asked the following question: Does a person who operates a link-building […]
May 29, 2013

Ranking The Top 5 SEO Mistakes…With Help From Google’s Matt Cutts

In an April 29 video blog post on the Google Webmaster Help YouTube page, Google’s guru and webspam team leader Matt Cutts addressed the following two-part question […]