Twitter Tips, Tricks and Tidbits

For Amplitude Digital, 2013 has been an interesting, informative, successful and very, very busy year.

Among other exciting activities and developments, there have been new client partnerships formed, a variety of SEO, PPC and social media-focused ebooks published, and many, many conferences and conventions to attend, exhibit and speak at.

Amplitude Digital PARTNER Jeff Ferguson has been active not only behind the scenes and on the road, but in the media as well.

That media coverage has recently centered around the knowledge Ferguson and Amplitude Digital possess in the realm of social media, particularly the ever-popular micro-blogging site Twitter.

On Aug. 12, Ferguson was quoted in a Business News Daily article on new web service and mobile app IFTTT, which cleverly stands for, “If This, Then That.”

The article, entitled, “10 Ways IFTTT Can Help Your Business,” shared Ferguson’s insights on the ability of IFTTT to help a digital marketing agency find new clients. Ferguson revealed how his “IFTTT recipe” searches Twitter for Tweets revolving around a specific keyword, and then alerts Amplitude Digital – so Ferguson can then reach out to the user as soon as possible.

“If they ask a question about a service that we provide, we can be right there with an answer,” Ferguson is quoted as saying in the article.

Then, in a Sept. 4 article on Sprout Social about maximizing Twitter Promoted Tweets, Ferguson was quoted at length, advocating a “half-way” voice for Promoted Tweets.

“We did a bunch of testing with different copy, we experimented with different voices, from corporate to chatty and conversational, and there was definitely a sweet-spot that seemed to work best,” Ferguson was quoted as saying.

Ferguson also wisely recommended “a strong call to action” as a part of that voice.

“When you’re paying for a tweet, that’s not the time to talk about generic stuff,” Ferguson opines in the story, which also quotes Likeable Media Media and Planning Director Tim Bosch on Promoted Tweet strategies and executions.

These recent media appearances further demonstrate the depth of knowledge and wealth of experience Ferguson and Amplitude Digital have when it comes to social media in general, Twitter in particular and many other areas of digital marketing and advertising.

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