It sounds kind of funny. Silly, even.

But more and more, Twitter means business.

Over the past few years, the micro-blogging social media site known as Twitter has evolved from a curious social experiment into a staple of everyday life for many Americans.

Don’t believe us? Well, ask any of the more than 100 million active Twitter users. That’s right. 100 million.

Twitter has become an absolute necessity for true-blooded newshounds, with many journalists now breaking stories on the increasingly popular platform. Twitter is also Ground Zero for many newsmakers, tastemakers and thought-leaders, and provides a rare, in-the-moment insight into the minds and hearts of many celebrities – as well as everyone who uses it to express their thoughts, insights and emotions via 140-character-or-less “Tweets.”

“That’s great, but how does any of this Twitter stuff impact me or my business?” you may ask.

Well…the answer is fairly simple.

More than you might think. A lot more.

Amplitude Digital recently joined forces with our valued partners at HubSpot  to show you more – via a valuable, versatile and entirely FREE ebook about how to attract custom and get social with Twitter. You can download this new Twitter ebook for FREE by simply clicking on the link toward the end of this blog post.

We believe you’ll find this ebook tremendously helpful in ramping up your business’ Twitter presence. But that’s just for starters. In addition to enhancing your brand image, this ebook can also assist you in learning and implementing best practices to not only evangelize and grow your brand on Twitter, but also turn fans and followers of your business into leads, which can then be qualified and passed along to your sales team.

Among other things, you’ll learn how to:

  • Optimize the branding of your Twitter profile
  • Optimize Twitter for search
  • Practice proper Twitter etiquette
  • Boost your lead generation strategy via Twitter
  • Measure the ROI of Twitter

Yes, you heard us right. Smart Twitter usage can definitely have a direct, measurable impact on sales. And this FREE ebook will show you how. So download your copy now by clicking on THIS LINK HERE. Then crack it open, fire up your brand’s Twitter account, and start having fun while you learn to ramp up your social media presence.

And when you’re ready to learn even more, we’d love to hear from you. And find out just how we can make your brand perform even better on Twitter – along with other valuable, vital social media sites like Facebook.

For starters, you can download another new FREE ebook we recently published. This one covers the finer points of using social media to boost your business in a broader sense. And you can learn a lot more about a lot of other topics in digital marketing and advertising by perusing our official Amplitude Digital blog.

Social media is a dynamic, fast-moving and ever-evolving field, where new discoveries and practices are unfolding as you read this. As agile and adept experts who specialize in Internet marketing, we’re here to help assure you’re always up for the next step…and even ahead of the curve. In addition to our acumen in Twitter and other social media, we can also help you employ best practices and craft compelling creative in display advertising, paid and organic search, SEO, affiliate programs, email and more.

So give us a call at 626.755.0995. Visit us online at Or shoot us a Tweet at @AmplitudeAgency.

We look forward to connecting with you soon. And getting social with you and your followers.

Have fun out there in the Twitterverse. And enjoy your FREE Twitter ebook!

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