Landing Page & Website Design

At Amplitude Digital, we understand the great importance of building an intuitive and user friendly experience for your potential visitors and customers. Our approach always leads with understanding your business goals and your target audience to build intuitive designs with purpose. We specialize in building websites that respects and captures your brand’s identity, creating seamless and intuitive websites with every detail designed with meaningful purpose.


Our recipe for success lays in our proven methodology in: harnessing and respecting our client’s brand identity, unique, innovative, and inspiring designs, seamless, functional, and purposeful layouts, and consistent testing and optimizations.

Creative Designs With Purpose

Our team of seasoned Web Design and Development experts have been building sites for corporations and small business for over a decade. With user intent and the ever changing landscape of the digital space, our developers actively seek the most up-to-date tools and technology to help build responsive designs across PHP, MySQL, HTML/CSS, jQuery, and WordPress. We help businesses large and small cut through the technology clutter and deliver efficient, dependable websites built to deliver results.

Developing Foundations For Success

We believe that every aspect of our client’s website should serve a purpose and function that drives users towards further action. Our team believes that setting a balanced foundation and architecture is imperative to our client’s websites success. Our developers ensure that all aspects from user experience, content strategies, purposeful layouts, responsive, functional and stellar designs are core to building phenomenal websites.


One of the key components to this foundation is setting the stage for Google search dominance. Through vigorous analysis, research, and design, our developers will focus on building the foundation with search engine optimization (SEO) as central to the architecture of your website design. Building visually stunning, and functional websites are a great start for businesses, but ultimately driving awareness and traffic is necessary to any website. This is why our developers ensure integrating and focusing on discovery is a critical component to ensuring that we’re able to drive and deliver motivated users to your website.

Analytics Tracking, Testing & Optimizations

With an ever changing digital space, user intent and behavior are key metrics that require consistent analysis to ensure our clients are delivering the highest quality websites that will promote and drive action. We utilize the latest technology to obtain actionable intelligence, A/B Testing, and analyze user behavior, providing guidance and recommendations to better optimize our clients websites.

At Amplitude Digital, our developers specialize in analyzing user behavior across your website, and optimizing making key adjustments by testing various components to ensure that we’re increasing the volume of intentful actions on your website.

Los Angeles Web Design Team

Our team has designed hundreds of websites for corporations and small businesses over the last twelve years. Amplitude Digital’s web sites are reliable, efficient and look great on any device, whether desktop, tablet or any type of smartphone.

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