Automate & Optimize Paid Search With
Advanced Feed-Based Technology

Sidecar Apex is the only technology built specifically to manage Google and Bing Shopping campaigns. Fueled
by a proprietary blend of data, Sidecar’s powerful machine learning engine continuously analyzes trends and
performance to supercharge shopping campaigns. Our technology doesn’t take breaks or days off. It’s always
on and always working for you.
Sidecar’s Apex technology is applied to shopping campaigns to:

Deliver fully aligned, customer-first experiences.

Our technology is tailored with your customers’ search behavior in mind. From query to conversion, Sidecar for Paid Search delivers the most relevant user experience possible.

Eliminate manual management.

Save time and extend your team’s bandwidth. Our automation dynamically develops ad copy, creates keywords, and adjusts bids to supercharge campaigns and cut wasted spend.

Achieve results with a blend of data and science.

The Sidecar Retail Index, a proprietary blend of datasets that powers Sidecar’s technology, uses millions of data points to spot key trends at the most granular levels.

Drive efficiency with feed-based automation.

Manage your campaigns through one feed and remove duplicate work across Google’s advertising ecosystem. Our always-on technology dynamically makes adjustments to meet your goals.


Sidecar for Paid Search uses a three-pronged approach to automate and optimize text ad creation. Our formula includes our innovative technology, rich data, and channel experts. Cross-channel data powers our technology while performance marketing pros guide the strategy to execute paid search at scale for your entire product catalog.

Campaign structure

Free up time from intensive campaign management. Sidecar’s technology creates paid search campaigns and ad groups based on your existing feed taxonomy. If any information is missing, Sidecar’s technology uses other attributes to produce the appropriate structure, allowing your paid search program to grow at scale.

Landing page management

Deliver the most relevant user experience. Our technology analyzes site search data to choose the most appropriate existing landing page URL or generate a new one to serve with your ads. Sidecar for Paid Search allows you to serve shoppers the most relevant product information, boosting Quality Score and conversions.

Keyword management

Eliminate the need for ongoing keyword testing. Sidecar’s technology continuously mines data to create, evaluate, and optimize keywords for every brand, category, and product in your catalog. That data is gathered from both paid search and Google Shopping campaigns, allowing cross-channel insights to further strengthen campaign performance. Spend goes toward the most valuable keywords and adjusts as new shopping trends emerge.

Bid optimization

Optimize the performance of every keyword, every day. Dynamic keyword bids continuously adjust to let popular products rise to the top. Sidecar increases spend on top performers to drive more revenue and reduces spend on poor performers. The longer Sidecar’s technology gathers data on your products and consumer behaviors, the more efficient bidding becomes.

Ad copy creation

Dynamically adjust and optimize ad copy. Sidecar uses feed attributes and ad copy best practices to automatically generate and test copy for each and every product, eliminating the need for manual drafting and A/B testing. This approach allows you to quickly and effortlessly fill the gaps in your paid search strategy.

Promotions management
(coming soon)

Create customized promotional campaigns. Marketers can schedule promotional campaigns at any time, and Sidecar’s technology will automatically manage those campaigns to meet specific goals that you and our team have identified. Promotional data is kept separate from general campaigns to ensure your promotions receive the most optimized bids and maximum engagement.


Intelligent Automation

Sidecar for Paid Search gives you the benefit of automated, always-on technology that dynamically makes adjustments to maximize performance, cut wasted spend, and free you from time-consuming manual tasks.

Data + Machine Learning

Sidecar technology uses cutting-edge data science approaches to spot trends and performance at the most granular levels, while our machine learning algorithms learn more about your catalog and market every day, creating customized models trained to your business.

Years of AdWords & Retail Marketing Experience

Our performance marketing pros work tirelessly to help you get the most out of our technology. With decades of e-commerce experience under the belt, our team provides you with the help you need to drive results with confidence.
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sidecar connect

Sidecar Connect is our intuitive data visualization portal for campaign-level reporting.


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Sidecar for Shopping

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Sidecar for Shopping

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Sidecar for Shopping

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Sidecar for Shopping


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