Youtube Video seo services

Why should you care about YouTube Video SEO? Most don’t realize but the 2nd largest search engine isn’t Bing or Yahoo, it’s YouTube. It’s a great source for SEO traffic both on and in Google search results.

For certain search queries, a video is a better result than a website.

It shouldn’t be surprising to see videos show up prominent in search results on Google since they own YouTube. So while a brand may be fighting to beat the competition in showing up higher for valuable SEO keywords, it can often be as easy as creative some engaging content and sharing on YouTube.

YouTube receives over 30 million visitors a day and it’s engaging content that is a top SEO ranking factor for Google and other search engines. “How-to”, product/service reviews, tutorials and sports/fitness related videos all typically rank well.

This is a distinguishing difference from keyword queries on a traditional search engine. Focus on creating videos that teach, share, train and help rather than videos about your business.