aOver the past few years, social media usage and penetration has grown by leaps and bounds.

And not just for the average American. But for U.S.-based businesses and brands as well.

Once a confusing curiosity, sites like Facebook and Twitter – not to mention an array of other fast-growing social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram – are now staples of everyday American life, with a whopping 93% of U.S. Internet users maintaining Facebook profiles…and spending 1 out of every 8 online minutes sharing photos, quotes, thoughts, news items, chat sessions, videos and more on the site.

And Twitter has become an absolute necessity for true-blooded newshounds, with many journalists breaking stories via the popular micro-blogging platform. It’s also Ground Zero for many newsmakers – not to mention tastemakers and thought-leaders – and provides a rare, in-the-moment insight into the minds and hearts of many celebrities.

“But how does any of that impact me or my business?” you may ask. “Can online hangouts like Facebook and Twitter truly serve as powerful inbound marketing channels and sales tools for my business and brand?”

Well…the answer to these questions is fairly simple.

Yes. And more than you might think. A lot more.

To that end, we here at Amplitude Digital are proud to present you with a brand new, handy, helpful Social Media Guide. You can download this new eBook for FREE by simply clicking on the link toward the end of this blog post.

As a strategic consulting group specializing in Internet marketing, we pride ourselves on always remaining on top of the newest trends and evolutions in online marketing. Social media sites like Twitter are an increasingly large piece of the online marketing puzzle – and social media is a fast-moving, challenging arena where we’ve eagerly fine-tuned our own engine in order to perform at a high level since its inception several years ago. And we’re proud and happy to share some of those high-performance tips with you today.

Social media is indeed a very powerful tool today. But as powerful a tool as social media is, it simply can’t stand alone as an Internet marketing solution. In fact, social media should come last.

Your first orders of online business should be to discover and amplify your voice through blogging and discover a keyword strategy. Social media assumes you have content to share or something to say, so consider your overall inbound marketing process before you hone in on your social media marketing strategy.

We can help you do all of this and more here at Amplitude Digital. As agile and adept experts who specialize in Internet marketing, we’re here to help you employ best practices and craft compelling creative – in not just social media, but display advertising, paid and organic search, SEO, affiliate programs, email and more.

So go ahead and download our FREE Social Media Guide by visiting THIS LINK HERE right now. Then roll your sleeves up, and crack it open. Start digging around under the hood.

And when you’re ready to REALLY rev up your brand’s social media engine…give us a call at 310.426.2700. Or shoot us a Tweet at our official Twitter page, @AmplitudeAgency. And we’ll help you hit the road running. And performing at a high-performance level.

We look forward to connecting with you soon!

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