Programmatic waste calculator

Programmatic advertising campaigns help advertisers
take the concept of the display advertising network

This is something that has been available for almost as long as there have been display ads, to the next level by integrating a stock-exchange style marketplace with “big data.” This new technology allowed advertisers to target their audience in new and imaginative ways at very low CPM prices.
However, with this newfound reach, an issue that has plagued internet advertisers since the beginning got much worse – viewability. In a recent article, Google said it quite well:
“It seems pretty straightforward. If an ad isn’t seen, it can’t have an impact. Yet for years now, marketers, ad agencies, publishers, and tech companies working in the digital ad space have been grappling with the issue of viewability.”
“Put simply, viewability is a measure of whether or not an ad had a chance to be seen by a person. Google supports the IAB and MRC definition of viewability: A minimum of 50% of the ad must be in view for a minimum of one second for display ads or two seconds for video ads. It’s about trust. Viewable impressions as a currency and a form of measurement provide advertisers transparency into how efficient their media investment is.”
With this in mind, we created a simple calculator that will show you the real cost of your advertising impressions if you take into account your viewability and bot traffic. Both of these metrics should be part of any standard report you receive from your programmatic advertising provider (if not, let’s talk).