Google Shopping Ads

What are Google Shopping Ads?

Google Shopping Ads, formerly called PLAs (Product Listing Ads), are a powerful campaign feature within the Google Ads network that allows retailers to reach potential customers and help them discover relevant products. These results can be found on the SERP (search engine results page), after potential customers perform a search query on Google. Much like Google Ads, these ads are triggered by your merchant center product data which you can then bid on that best match the products and ads that your potential customers are searching for.

Google Shopping Ads are different in that they feature a product image that correspond to your specific SKU, (stock keeping unit), product along with tailoring your ads towards the type of product and relevant categories to trigger the ads. Utilizing your merchant center data feed, you’re able to provide a more robust set of information to attract fully-informed purchasers, resulting in higher conversion rates and reducing the cost of less-qualified traffic.

Google Shopping Ads have shown to increase the volume and CTRs of high-intent purchasers by the very fact that potential purchasers are able to view the exact product prior to clicking-through to the product page. According to Google, PLAs have shown to double or triple the standard click-through-rates vs. comparable text ads.

Why use Google Shopping Ads for your business?

Shopping campaigns have become an essential tool for high-volume ecommerce companies. For advertisers and businesses alike, targeting options and ability to deliver high-intent leads to an exact product page can be an incredibly powerful to boosting conversion rates and increasing high-intent leads at unprecedented speeds.

Google Shopping Ads increases a company’s visibility by headlining the exact product by specific categories that increases the potential to drive and deliver quality leads from informed and intentful purchasers.

Dedicated Google Shopping Ads Strategist

Each of our clients are assigned a dedicated Google certified PPC media buyers that will help navigate and manage your efforts by ensuring that you’re delivering accurate data through your merchant center, and delivering the right ads to the right target audience. Our strategists thrive off the ability to analyze your Shopping Ads accounts at the most granular levels. They optimize your campaigns to ensure your marketing efforts are reaching high-intent purchasers, driving quality leads and increasing your business revenue.