Facebook & Instagram Ads

What are Facebook Ads?

With nearly 2 billion users every month, Facebook is the world’s leading social media network with a massive potential for your business to reach your target audience. In addition to Facebook, Instagram, (which is also a part of the Facebook Ad’s network), has 500 million active users a month to further your potential reach.

Facebook Ads is a powerful platform but comes with many challenges, as the sheer size and scope of their network requires skilled social media marketing and PPC experts to help build successful campaigns and to help identify, define, and target your audience to drive quality leads and ensure that businesses are utilizing their advertising budgets as efficiently as possible.

As a certified Facebook Ads agency, Amplitude’s paid social strategists have perfected the art of understanding how to build effective campaigns that will drive results. From building brand awareness, generating leads, earning loyalty, or boosting sales, our team of strategists can help your business build meaningful and measurable results on the world’s leading social media platform.

Why use Facebook Ads for your business?

Advertising on social media networks have become an essential component for many business’s overall marketing efforts. With the average individual actively browsing across the web and engaging daily across various platforms, Facebook and Instagram being two of the most frequently visited social media platforms globally, it’s inherently clear that having your brand’s presence on the world’s leading social media platforms can help ensure your brand’s messaging is reaching them consistently throughout a given day, increasing your chance of driving high-intent purchasers, quality leads and conversions.

Relentless Analysis & Targeting

Like many display advertising networks, Facebook Ads is a dynamic, ever changing and evolving platform that requires consistent analysis and management to ensure your campaigns are staying up-to-date. At Amplitude Digital, our team of Facebook Ads strategists closely monitor our clients’ campaigns and optimize ads, targeting settings, placements, and bidding to deliver consistently improved KPIs to yield the best ROIs possible.

Our Facebook Ads strategists are experts in navigating the versatile set of targeting parameters offered on Facebook’s network, and our proven methodology helps consistently discover untapped potential areas for growth and carefully refine and focus our clients campaigns targeting settings and maximize our clients advertising budgets.

Our team of Facebook Ads strategists consistently evaluate and define user demographics, psychographics, and geographics to ensure that we’re reaching the right people, in the right places. With Facebook’s wealth of targeting options, our strategists are vigilant about analyzing our client’s campaigns to ensure we’re maximizing their media budgets to drive the highest quality leads and delivering ads to high-intent purchasers.