Conversion Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization Can Help You Grow Sales

Conversion rate optimization should be a part of every digital marketing plan. If you participate in Search Engine Advertising like AdWords you need to put effort in conversion rate optimization. Amplitude designs and implements user experience enhancements to improve usability and drive conversions.

To do this, Amplitude deploys a proprietary set of heat map, analytics and A/B testing software to measure and report findings and identify areas to optimize.

Activities include:

  • Installing and configuring A/B testing platforms
  • Installing heat map software and setting up reports
  • Setting up and monitoring landing page tests
  • Providing ongoing recommendations for landing page and website upgrades
  • Monthly landing page performance reporting through our Real-Time Client Dashboard Portal

Increase Sales Without Spending More on Advertising

There’s two ways to increase sales and leads on your website: more visitors to your website or convert more visitors. For many, increasing their advertising budget isn’t an option, so improving their conversion rate becomes a key to online success.

While there are a lot of things you can test, but you’ll want to make sure you have the basics addressed:

  • Meet Expectations – If you run an ad that describes “gooey fudge brownies” but when a shopper clicks through and gets a page with cookies, you are not delivering and the visitor might go elsewhere.
  • Value Proposition – It needs to be clear what the payoff is. If I give you my name and email, what and I getting in return – and is it compelling enough offer. Give an incentive like free shipping if they ‘act now’.
  • Clear Direction – Once you’ve got a visitor to your page, is it obvious what you want them to do? Do you have too many competing offers on the page? Buy now, sign up for our newsletter, etc. Is there a lot of aviation options, links in the content to different places on the site? Keep it simple and strait forward.
  • Convey Trust – This is extremely critical for eCommerce sites, but important no matter what your website offers. Do you have encryption to protect their credit card information? Are you rated by the BBB? What guarantees and return policy do you offer? What is your Yelp rating? Do you have testimonials visible? Even Facebook fans and Twitter followers serve as a tool for building trust with your visitor.

Of course not all conversions are measured in purchases. The goal of conversion rate optimization for your website might look like:

  • signing up for a free information packet
  • completing a lead form
  • downloading an e-book
  • signing up for a newsletter
  • getting Likes or Follows on Facebook or Twitter

So What Should You Test?

But given the amount of time, money and effort involved, you might be better served looking at your analytics data and seeing what pages receive the most traffic. Obviously, your homepage is likely at the top of the list. If you are running pay per click campaigns on AdWords, your stand alone landing pages will receive a significant amount of traffic. As will your shopping cart and check out process.