Nearly Half Of All Companies Don’t Have A Mobile Site. Here’s How To Get Started With Mobile…

Like it or not, smartphones and other mobile devices increasingly dominate our lives – or at least much of our time and attention.

But despite the incredible explosion in ownership and usage of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices in recent years, a recent study by Adobe revealed that some 45% – or nearly HALF – of all U.S. companies still don’t have a mobile-optimized site or app.

Not only is this tendency among American businesses to avoid establishing a proper mobile site out of touch with the technological times, but it’s also bad for business. The data in Adobe’s report reveals that companies investing in mobile-optimized sites are three times more likely to achieve mobile conversion rates of 5% or above than those who rely solely on desktop sites. The data also shows that those who use both a mobile site and a mobile app are experiencing even higher levels of conversion.

Additionally, a 2012 Google report entitled “Our Mobile Planet” revealed that a whopping 89% of all smartphone users look at mobile search ads. Another report demonstrated that mobile now accounts for 1 out of every 5 paid search clicks. And a wide variety of recent studies illuminate the growing trend of consumers choosing to conduct research and purchase products on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

If potential or current customers of yours were compelled by advertising or research to visit YOUR site on their mobile device…wouldn’t you want to make sure they can view it in all its glory?

Surely, the answer here is an emphatic, “Yes.” And if you realized that it’s not nearly as difficult to build a mobile site as you might think it is…well, then you might even answer with something like an extra-emphatic, “YESSSSS!!!”

Here at Amplitude Digital, we have a pretty good example of how we were able to get a client up and running with a mobile site – in a matter of minutes.

MightyMite Termite Control Services, a company that specializes in eco-friendly, orange oil-based termite control, realized they needed to have both a desktop and a mobile version of their site – so they could speak to audiences who were researching pest control no matter where and how they were looking for help. After all, potential MightyMite Termite customers could easily be researching on their regular desktops for a home they’ve lived in for years…or on their mobile device for a new home that isn’t equipped with internet access yet.

To achieve this goal, MightyMite Termite turned to Amplitude Digital. And rather than having our designer create an entirely new mobile version of their website, we partnered with DudaMobile to get the job done right. And fast. DudaMobile can be set up in a matter of hours – not days or weeks or months, but hours – and is as easy to use as simply providing the URL for the existing site and then making a few minor tweaks based on your own personal preferences and tastes.

So, just like that, and within a matter of mere minutes, MightyMite Termite’s existing website was made mobile-ready…

This not only allowed existing mobile visitors to utilize the site, but we were also able to expand their paid search and display campaigns to include mobile as well – further expanding their audience reach.

The results were almost immediate; conversions in the form of leads captured on the site or via phone jumped dramatically for the mobile channel, and their “bounce rate” from this audience dropped dramatically.

Needless to say, MightyMite Termite was happy with the results. In fact, we’re pretty sure they let out an exuberant, “YESSSSSSS!” or two.

Do you want to enable YOUR business’ mobile site – and get dramatic, quick results in return? If your answer is, “Yes,” drop us a line today and see how we can work together to boost your business and secure new customers…wherever they may be.

We look forward to hearing from you soon. And making your business more mobile. And profitable.

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