Keyword Research & Backlink analysis

In search engine optimization, measuring is essential. If you can measure both successes and failures, you can effectively improve your marketing campaigns. Some of the most important factors for online marketing campaigns include links, websites, referrals, domain authority, and other important KPIs.

All this data helps in analyzing marketing strategies to create the best approach for ultimate success and it is the reason why keyword research and backlink analysis are so important.


When it comes to SEO, understanding your competition is crucial. Websites rank on search engines by using relevant keywords. Luckily, there are various online tools available today to help you with keyword tracking. You must know how these systems work, so you can take complete advantage of these tools.

The most important aspect of tracking keywords is creating a comprehensive keyword competition analysis. This will help you determine the right keywords to use in content throughout your website. It also provides specific keywords that have not been used by other competitors.

This process may take time and effort before you can finally get what you need. However, once you achieve your goals, the benefits will be quite useful for you in the long run.

Amplitude’s keyword research department has comprehensive knowledge of all the leading tools in the industry. We can help provide all necessary keyword analytics and strategy for your business.

What is Backlink Analysis

Backlinks are essential in web rankings and should be a vital part of your analytics and overall strategy. Backlinks work as a signal to search engines about the popularity of your website in terms of how many links there are to you from other websites and how credible those link sources are.

As a rule of thumb, the more credible the source of the backlink, the more it benefits your website in the eyes of search engines. All backlinks have different values depending on the page they’re located on as well as how the anchor texts are phrased.

To analyze your backlinks, using a backlink database tool is important. This will help you create more detailed analysis about your entire SEO plan. A site explorer tool examines backlinks to guarantee they’re serving your site well and are working effectively. When you need to analyze your page from a SERP, you just need to plug it into the tool’s textbox.

Our experts here at Amplitude Digital have a comprehensive knowledge of backlink analysis and link building strategies. We can help you websites obtain high quality links that will boost search engine positioning and rank your website higher.

Types of Analytics Used in Modern SEO

At Amplitude Digital we provide custom strategies to ensure quality results. Our efforts are focused on the specific needs of your business. We focus on revenue and traffic goals to achieve dependable marketing success online.

Also, with our staff of expert SEO & Digital Marketing professionals, we provide real-time seo dashboards that include backlink metrics, keyword analysis and rankings to provide your team with complete, relevant data. Whether you are looking to boost your website content, video views or even Google Shopping Ads, keyword research can help you get there.



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