Email Marketing

Email marketing continues to be the hub and a driving force in cross-channel integration, as marketers’ email strategies often act as connectors to Website, mobile, social and in-store channels.

Today’s empowered consumers are becoming more vocal and more demanding in terms of what they expect from their favorite brands. This presents both a challenge and an opportunity for marketers to engage their customers on more personal and deeper levels than ever before.

Email marketers are tackling these challenges head-on. They are leveraging traditional email-marketing tactics in more sophisticated ways, as well as advancing new methods to acquire new subscribers and create more
engaging content.

“Test for the Best” in Your Email Campaigns

One of the most powerful aspects of email marketing is that it can be tested and then optimized. Following generic “best practices” or fixed “rules” is not a path to success, because what works for one audience won’t necessarily work for yours. Testing is your biggest ally.

At Amplitude, we help you increase open rates, click-through rates and ultimately the leads you generate and orders you convert. We utilize leading software to measure the performance of subject lines and creative. More importantly, we help segment your subscribers to deliver the most appropriate message at the right time of day.