Surviving Crisis Times with Digital Marketing

Companies need to be creative to survive and thrive during crisis times.

Search marketing expert Jeff Ferguson shares the story behind the story of his Search Engine Journal article titled “The COVID-19 Shuffle: How Businesses Embraced Digital Marketing to Survive the Pandemic.”

As Jeff says, entrepreneurship is all about solving problems. Examples in this podcast include:

  • Pioneering hotelier Conrad Hilton and the discovery that saved his business during the 1918 pandemic;
  • Digital strategies for making your “non-essential” business into one that is essential to your customers’ lives, both now and after the crisis;
  • Real-world, recent examples of companies that pivoted quickly to provide new kinds of digital shopping experiences that rival their in-store service, while not costing a bundle;
  • Leading edge digital marketing examples from market leaders Be Aveda and Hedley & Bennett as well as local LA community pillars such Vendome Wine & Spirits, Collector’s Paradise, The Record Parlor and more!


Duff Ferguson, Founder of Amplitude Digital Inc. email Duff

Jeff Ferguson, Partner at Amplitude Digital in Los Angeles, CA.
Jeff leads Amplitude’s search marketing teams delivering high growth PPC, SEO and Social campaigns. Jeff is a sought-after teacher at UCLA and speaker about these topics.

RUN TIME: 30 minutes

1: Embrace ways of connecting with your customers digitally and offer them new kinds of compelling shopping experiences;
2: Consider ways that creative perks like curated product sets, delivery/pickup and special buyer assistance via digital can replace (or perhaps even surpass) the in-store experience;
3: Be prepared to pivot quickly to meet your customers where they need you most right now

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