Keeping SEO Alive During a Time of Crisis

As an online advertiser during a crisis period, how do you prioritize SEO spending in your media mix? Google rankings are mission critical for ecommerce sales and dollars are tighter than ever. With PPC/SEM, Paid Social, Email and other marketing strategies competing for your attention, are you prepared to defend your organic spend to your board?

In this podcast, Cesar Recendez of Experian helps us tackle tough topics such as:

  • Can SEO realistically be “turned off” for a month or two, or does that present unacceptable risks?
  • What SEO tasks should be ongoing to “keep the lights on”
  • Common SEO pitfalls that befall companies in crisis times
  • How big a factor is website speed with SEO today? • Factors to consider for budgeting in a crisis
  • Tips for defending your SEO budget when dollars are tight
  • Recommendations of Cesar’s #1 recommended SEO website for CMOs to stay tuned into trends

Duff Ferguson, Founder of Amplitude Digital Inc. email Duff

Cesar Recendez, Director of Global Digital Marketing Operations for Experian
Cesar is a key player in Experian’s global digital roadmap and its marketing technology platforms. His work includes content strategy, conversion rate optimization, web analytics and search marketing (both PPC and SEO).

RUN TIME: 18 minutes

1: SEO is essential to ecommerce traffic/sales and a key to long-term growth. Don’t endanger hard-won Google rankings by indiscriminately cutting crawl monitoring, maintenance and development.
2: Major shifts are underway in customer shopping intent, behavior and spending patterns online. Your SEO strategy and organic funnel must also evolve and react to what your customer needs today, not yesterday.
3: User experience (including factors such as navigation, product informational depth, site speed, checkout ease and more) is increasingly becoming a dominant measurement for Google’s algorithms. Make sure your SEO efforts promote an exceptional user experience.

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