Building a Digital Brand the Authentic Way

Is your digital brand truly authentic… or is it just pretending to care?

Today’s ecommerce customer wants to know more than just the quality and cost of their purchases online. Now, they want to know all about the seller and the complete supply chain of every item. This puts plenty of pressure on digital brands to lean in on what their true customers really care about holistically… whether it be natural materials, environmental impact, organic growing conditions, employee-friendly policies and more.

In this podcast, Rick Egan of FinditParts takes us through these areas with his expert opinions and excellent stories:

  • The hallmarks of digital brand authenticity
  • How brands can best communicate true authenticity in the digital space
  • Where to get started on finding the authentic voice of your brand
  • Strategies for recovering from an “inauthentic moment” for your brand
  • How to overcome internal or external resistance to authenticity in your brand
  • Examples of ecommerce brands that are exceptionally good at communicating authenticity

Duff Ferguson, Founder of Amplitude Digital Inc. email Duff

Rick Egan, Chief Marketing Officer for FinditParts
Rick is Chief Marketing Officer of the largest single-source Internet distributor of heavy duty OEM and aftermarket parts in the USA, with responsibility for corporate strategy as well as marketing leadership. Rick is also formerly SVP at OneStop Internet and VP at The Search Agency.

RUN TIME: 18 minutes

1. Look deep into your company culture to determine what you really stand for
2. Be authentic in your authenticity: there are no short cuts
3. It is never too late to reach for authenticity and connect with your true customers

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