KISS: Keep It Simple, Successful

In an increasingly complex world, it stands to reason that simplicity would stand out.

It also makes sense that simplicity would be something people might gravitate toward, especially in times of confusion, frustration and sensory overload.

But what if simplicity led to even more, especially for companies, brands and marketers who make a smart, consistent effort to “keep it simple” across all mediums, messages and product lines?

According to new research that led to a new kind of index, simplicity does, in fact, hold incredible value for those who not only embrace it…but market it wisely to consumers.

Last week, branding agency Siegel + Gale unveiled its latest Global Brand Simplicity Index, and not coincidentally, some of the “simplest” brands were also some of the most successful.

Siegel + Gale defines itself as “the simplicity company,” and defines “simplicity” for the purposes of this Index as “brand experiences that are remarkably clear and unexpectedly fresh,” and big-name, big-time brands like Google (No. 3), Samsung (No. 8) and Apple (No. 19) are ranking high on their “simple, clear and fresh” Index.

“The world is cluttered with complexity; therefore, when we experience simplicity, it stands out,” explained Siegel + Gale Global Chief Marketing Officer Margaret Molloy. “Simplicity brings clarity instead of confusion, decision instead of doubt. And the rewards are real.”

Siegel + Gale even claims that since 2009, brands the firm has evaluated and tabbed as “simple” have beaten public market performance by a whopping 100%.

And brands who hit the marketplace and consumers with messaging, packaging and overall “experiences” that are anything but simple? According to Siegel + Gale, they’re missing out on close to $50 million in potential revenue by missing the mark.

Molloy more or less implies that when it comes to branding and business success, simplicity is, well, just about everything.

“We have found that simplicity inspires deeper trust and greater loyalty in consumers, and clears the way to innovation for employees,” said Molloy.

Here at the official blog of Amplitude Digital, we recently took an up-close look at Apple, two years after the death of its former co-founder, CEO, chairman and all-around force, Steve Jobs. The driven leadership and tech-savvy innovation that Jobs provided was no doubt instrumental in Apple’s rise to the top – both at the cash register and in consumers’ minds and hearts – but equally valuable was the sense of simplicity, and simple style, that Jobs worked hard to infuse into each Apple product, and across each and every consumer touchpoint.

It’s same to say that over the past several years, Apple has reaped the benefits of deep trust and loyalty in its many avid consumers and followers, and it goes without saying that a strong streak and sense of innovation courses throughout the lifeblood of Apple and its employees.

In short, the good folks at Siegel + Gale just might be onto something here.

Along with no less a Genius (and not just the Apple Store Garden Variety) than Renaissance Man Extraordinaire Leonardo da Vinci, who famously declared, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

What are YOU doing to ensure that YOUR brand embodies, communicates and sparks simplicity among all who come into contact with you and your products and services? And what things could you be doing better and simpler…starting today?

Let us know in the comments section below this blog post. And feel free to reach out to us if you’re looking for a smart, simple ally in the at-times complex and confusing worlds of digital marketing and social media.

We’d love to hear from you soon. Until then…remember:

KISS: Keep It Simple, Successful.

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