Call Tracking Analytics

How Does Call Tracking Work?

Call tracking is unfortunately often overlooked by many businesses, marketers and agencies alike. At Amplitude Digital, our team of data-driven marketers understand that phone call tracking is an absolute essential in any marketing mixture, which provide critical, and valuable insight into how your potential leads are interacting with your business and marketing efforts.

Benefits Of Our Call Tracking Solutions:

● Unique and dynamic phone number insertion
● Measure and track phone calls by specific marketing platforms, keywords, and campaigns
● Record calls for identifying quality leads, training staff, and improving customer service
● Defining and identifying call conversions
● Understanding which platforms are driving phone call sales

For business small and large, a staggering 92%, (metric by SalesForce), of customers will reach out to your business over the phone. Whether it’s to inquire about a specific promotion, obtain business information, or needing assistance with a return or making a purchase, there’s incredible value and data insights that many businesses are missing out on.

With phone call tracking, you’re able to leverage a powerful tool that can help your business better understand your customer’s intent, identify customer demographics, better analyze marketing channels and campaigns at a more granular level, and gain powerful insight into which of your marketing efforts are effectively driving phone sales and quality leads.

Convert Your Phone Calls Into Valuable Data

At Amplitude Digital, we provide clients a powerful service to help track valuable calls to their business. With a robust set of data insight offerings, many of our clients have been thrilled with being able to identify more granular data about each individual phone call specific marketing channel, and provide insights into various metrics such as customer demographic locations, campaign keywords, and defining qualified leads.

Another fantastic solution for our clients utilizing Google AdWords is offered directly through Google, which also offers dynamic phone number insertion, captures data, and integrates directly into your Google AdWords account so you’re able to see which campaigns, keywords, ads are driving phone call conversions. At Amplitude Digital, we offer all of our AdWords clients phone call tracking solution as a part of their marketing efforts, and they are often shocked by the sheer volume of additional conversion they’re able to capture by adding phone call tracking into their accounts. With the sheer volume of past and potential customers reaching out to your business by phone, phone call tracking is an absolute must in any marketing strategy.