Streaming Video Service

Amplitude Digital has been working with this well-known streaming video service in 2014. They originally came to us looking for help with their organic search traffic to their display and mobile properties for their US, Canadian, and Latin American sites, but eventually expanded our contract to include paid search advertising, programmatic and native media – we even helped with buying out of home, radio, and TV!

  • Low organic search traffic, and what was coming in was low quality.
  • Overpriced cost per acquisition in paid search advertising for both branded and non-branded terms.
  • Reliance on low quality paid media sources that drove low engagement traffic.

The Success Factors:

After a full audit of their websites that identified several issues that were holding their business back from the organic search based revenue they deserved, their content, site development, and public relations teams learned how to implement best practices to help their business grow in an age when search engines could drive over half of a company’s business.

Organic search takes months before you see any effects, but when sites are suffering from basic SEO issues like this company, the results can show up quick and grow even quicker.  Within six months, their organic search traffic had more than doubled and, even better, their video streams did the same.  Now that the company was focusing on terms that drove longer on-site engagement, the company saw revenue, in the form of people watching longer streams, and therefore more commercials, grow as well.

Meanwhile, worked with their teams to find an on-site conversion that aligned with how their company made money (people watching advertisements within the videos) that allowed us to better optimize their campaigns.  Once we had a better idea of what was really driving the business, we restructured their paid search advertising campaigns to focus on revenue driving events rather than just “clicks and traffic.”

We eventually started a program that tested other media sources, such as programmatic media and more.  We even helped this company launch several new TV series and movies using multi-media campaigns composed of search, social, native, and traditional media.

As a bonus, as some of our contacts moved on from this company, they became clients at their new companies!

The Secret Sauce:

Assessment and Strategy Development

  • Amplitude Digital performed a comprehensive organic and paid search advertising campaign audit to determine problem and success areas.
  • Created a wide-ranging roadmap of search solutions and enhancements to get the website and Google AdWords accounts on track and profitable.

Repair and Renovation

  • Luckily, plans for a complete site redesign were in process, so our team could educate their development teams on how to do things correctly from the start. We also taught their content team how to rewrite their content with search in mind and their public relations team to work with their press coverage partners to create links that mattered.
  • Campaign structure repaired and expanded using advanced PPC advertising tactics such as mirror/silo campaigns for match types, devices, and other targeting options
  • Adjusted settings, match types, creative rotations, and various other problem areas to align campaign with known best practices.

Continuous Optimization and Expansion

  • Hard target search and destroy of poor performing terms via bid and negative keyword optimization
  • Continuous growth program by way of automated keyword expansion and optimization techniques