Fashion eCommerce Company

Fashion eCommerce Company’s Paid Search Advertising (PPC) Case Study:

Amplitude Digital has been working with this well-known ecommerce company since early 2012. They originally came to us after deciding that their in-house resources weren’t performing as well as they had hoped. Some early pain points were:

  • Over priced cost per acquisition for both branded and non-branded terms.
  • Lower-than-expected sales volume.
  • Poor performance of display network ads.

The Success Factors:

  • Within the first month of taking over the account, we cut costs by almost 10% and more than doubled conversions.
  • Conversions and campaign efficiency have continued to grow for each subsequent month to date.
  • Cost per acquisition for branded campaigns lowered to over half of target CPA; Non-branded and display network campaigns on target CPA and constantly growing in volume.
  • The company, part of a multi-brand holding company, recommended our services to one of its sister brands after just two months of service.

The Secret Sauce:

Assessment and Strategy Development

  • Amplitude Digital performed a comprehensive paid search advertising campaign audit to determine problem and success areas
  • Created a wide-ranging roadmap of search and display network solutions and enhancements to get the Google AdWords accounts on track and profitable.

Repair and Renovation

  • Campaign structure repaired and expanded using advanced PPC advertising tactics such as mirror/silo campaigns for match types, devices, and other targeting options
  • Adjusted settings, match types, creative rotations, and various other problem areas to align campaign with known best practices.

Continuous Optimization and Expansion

  • Hard target search and destroy of poor performing terms via bid and negative keyword optimization
  • Continuous growth program by way of automated keyword expansion and optimization techniques