19 Apr: What is Digital Marketing?

As you’ve no doubt gathered, we make our living in the field of digital marketing. But just what, exactly, IS digital marketing? Depending on who you ask these days, you may get quite a few different answers. First off, you may notice that digital marketing may also at times be…


03 Apr: Advertising During These “Interesting Times”

To help you, our clients, we have been conducting research and gathering historical information to help put things in perspective with regard to not just surviving, but thriving and setting ourselves up for success in the post-COVID-19 world.
We looked at a few different areas of advertising and marketing, particularly the areas of Media (Television, Social Media, and Search Marketing specifically, for this report), E-Commerce, and Messaging Strategies. We provide some data on the current levels of Consumer Confidence and wrap up with a few recommendations and case studies.

05 Feb: How to Use LinkedIn Ads to Boost Sales In 2019

New to LinkedIn ads? It’s time to double down in 2019. LinkedIn is growing all the time. Over 30 million companies are now registered on the social media platform, while 41% of millionaires are on there. It’s where business link up with each other and clients connect with employees. As…

Conversion Funnel

11 Nov: How To Start Conversion Rate Optimization and Develop a CRO Strategy

If you’re operating a website that’s responsible for generating revenue, then you know the importance of SEO, pay-per-click, copywriting and social media. Getting traffic and keeping them engaged is critical.  However, don’t forget the importance of conversion optimization.  The art of turning that traffic into actual customers. It doesn’t make…