Amplitude Digital has been helping connect great companies with their clients online by combining Big Data with classic marketing strategy. 

“It was our Aha! moment,” laughs Duff Ferguson, founder of Amplitude Digital. He and agency partner, Joe Livingston had spent years building a hip Los Angeles search marketing agency, launching SEO and PPC campaigns for marquee clients like The Hollywood Sign and Spafinder 365.

But the advent of Big Data offered something, well…bigger and more exciting.

“The tools we use to target customers online had taken a big leap forward, yet the typical demographic & behavioral data available to agencies just wasn’t sufficient,” says Livingston. “That was when Amplitude Audience IntelligenceTM was born.”

Developing this proprietary tool wasn’t easy, but today Amplitude Ai data is front and centre in the agency’s work with every client. Based on rich data sets from Experian, Mastercard, Oracle, Dun & Bradstreet and other data providers, its proprietary combination of data-driven technology and machine learning algorithms provides deep, actionable insight into website visitor intent and behavior.

In search marketing today, these kinds of sophisticated audience insights mean quicker learning, better targeting and higher efficiency. The bottom line: more qualified traffic and sales. No more wasted media spend on the wrong platforms or customer segments.

It is innovation like this that has helped Amplitude Digital grow organically and profitably since 2004 in the hyper-competitive city of Los Angeles. The company’s core team consists of veteran search marketing experts divided into two main teams: organic search optimization and pay-per-click advertising. Amplitude’s client service team keeps the department tightly coordinated and working towards each client’s specific goals, while providing reporting, data and discussion that help everyone make the best decisions about strategy.

From ecommerce to fashion to health & wellness, Amplitude Digital has been helping brands reach the right audience – leading to increased qualified traffic and revenue.

And at the core of the agency’s success, is an affinity for data and analytics.

Amplitude employees also have a special furry place in their hearts for animal rescue. Not only do many in the company foster and adopt through shelters, but the agency matches employee donations to animal rescue, and even highlights pets needing adoption in their monthly newsletter!

“Amplitude Digital is thrilled to be recognized as Best SEO & PPC Search Marketing Agency – California by Corporate Vision for the second year in a row,” says Ferguson. “We want to thank Corporate Vision’s distinguished partners and industry insiders that voted in our favor to receive this honor.”


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