Amplitude Digital has been proud to work alongside television/film actor Jimmy Jean-Louis (best known for his role in the hit TV show Heroes) and his wife Evelyn since the founding of their non-profit organization Hollywood Unites For Haiti in 2008. We built their original website and have been tuning it up ever since as the cause has grown.

Originally, the charity helped raise awareness of Haiti’s plight here in Hollywood and arranged donation drives and events that helped build/restore athletic facilities for kids in Haiti.  Much of these early donations were used to build an excellent school in a particularly poor area of the country, making a huge difference for hundreds of kids with better learning and better nutrition. However, the earthquake has taken the needs in this country to an entirely different level.

Jimmy took his life in his hands to fly directly to Haiti, where he has been personally directing the flow of donations and supplies that come through HUFH and physically participating in helping where ever he can. There’s next to no overhead involved in HUFH, besides shipping — almost every dime is going directly into the hands of real people in desperate need.

Amplitude was proud to help build a website where volunteers could connect and learn more about how to send help fast. Making donations easy and secure while also allowing for video blogging and automatic social media updates while Jimmy was traveling was very important.

This is a cause near to our hearts, but this is the first time we’ve ever called on our clients to pitch in to any charitable activity we’re involved in.  However, the scope of this disaster — and the fact that we can vouch so personally for the way in which the donations are being used — makes this a special case. There is no doubt that Haiti will be in need of assistance for some time and the need is dire.

If you can, please visit the page and make a donation… however small, it will help.

Thank you, Duff

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