Jeff Ferguson, Managing Partner at Amplitude Digital, provides details on his recent speaking engagement where he presented some advanced (and “amazing”) Google AdWords PPC tactics on bidding strategies at SMX Advanced 2011 in Seattle, WA on June 8, 2011.

Wow… just wow. It’s one thing to attend a show like SMX; the knowledge, the networking, the opportunities. But it’s a whole other adventure to be up on the stage at a conference like SMX Advanced in front of a capacity crowd of your peers and share ideas that were deemed “amazing” enough to be included on the “Amazing PPC Tactics” panel this year.

I had tested a much different version of this presentation at a different show awhile back, but didn’t feel like it received the right type of reception. Not that the idea wasn’t solid, but more like I was boxing outside of my weight class.

Meanwhile, in front of the “AP class” of SMX Advanced, the reaction was pure joy; the kind of response you love to get when you’re sharing your ideas with a crowd.

Advanced Google AdWords Bidding Strategies

If all goes right with SlideShare, you should have access to the presentation slides I presented last Wednesday; however, I should probably give you a little color since the slides were designed to just support what I was saying.

“Here’s a little tidbit about myself: My mother and grandfather were involved with the space program and my father was a kung-fu instructor*, so by all accounts, I should have been a spy or some sort of international man of mystery. Instead, I went into internet marketing… I’m sure they’re very proud…”

I brought this up as a way to lead into all the fancy space pictures I presented, which were taken by the Hubble Telescope in the early part of this century. The point was that without the Hubble focusing on what looked like a simply white dot on the horizon for so many years, we would have never discovered all of these beautiful new stars and galaxies.

People should do the same with their data for their PPC campaigns and then use that data to develop more complicated bidding strategies in Google AdWords (and so forth).

The spreadsheets included in the presentation show how, during the PPC audit for one of our clients (no, that’s not their data), we discovered that they weren’t using any bidding strategy at all outside of the occasional “day after” adjustments that most PPC managers use, if they do that at all.

After rooting around in the data for some time, we discovered that, unlike what they had told us about having a basic day of the week (DoW) trend to their revenue, they actually followed a more complex trend, which we called day of the month (DoM).  Upon digging even further, down into the campaign and ad group level, we discovered that they all had their own unique PPC personalities.

If left to the devices of most automated PPC management systems, who usually only look at most 7 day windows and even then make adjustments based on the previous week’s activities, then the automation would have missed out on some great opportunities for growth or savings on ROI.

I’m not anti-robot here, by the way, I’m pro-human. I understand that PPC is long, hard work and we want to remove the more monotony riddled activities from our day; however, doing so should not be at the expensive of true, quality AdWords optimization.

If you’d like to try and find DoM trends within your campaigns, I provide some how-to slides and equations; however, the point of the presentation is to find your own DoM trends, that is, your own PPC campaign personalities that you can design your own bidding strategies around.

If you don’t bother to look deeper, you’ll miss out on some really beautiful things.



* True story, btw. My mother and grandfather both worked for Rockwell in Downey, CA. My grandfather worked on the Apollo program and both of them were involved with the Space Shuttle program.  My dad, who actually worked professionally as an operations man for many of the great fragrance companies in the world, learned kung-fu from the guy who played the blind master on the original Kung-Fu TV series back in the 70s and eventually taught his own students later (sadly, I wasn’t one of them because I was an idiot and didn’t take advantage of it having a private instructor).